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How To Maintain the Health of Your Aquarium

How To Maintain the Health of Your Aquarium

Many assume that being a fish owner is easy, but these pets and their habitats still require regular maintenance, the same as any other pet. While caring for your fish and its aquarium is less time-consuming than caring for other animals, it still comes along with responsibilities. The information below contains how to maintain a healthy fish tank. These steps will help you keep your fish friends happy and their home clean!

Daily Check-Ins

It is very important to check in on your aquarium every single day. You not only want to pay attention to your fish to make sure that they are healthy and okay, but you also want to make sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently within their habitat. If you check in on the aquarium every day, you’ll get a sense of how everything is supposed to look and work so that, when something is out of place, you will know. You will be able to see if your fish hasn’t been eating or if they are sick. You’ll also be able to tell if your filter isn’t running correctly or a light burns out.

Stay proactive and keep an eye out. This vigilance will help you catch issues and problems promptly so that you can resolve them quickly, which will improve the overall health of your aquarium. If you are out of town for a few days or accidentally forget to check in, your tank and its inhabitants will be okay. Just don’t make it a habit.

Change and Test Water Regularly

Many would argue that this is one of the most significant parts of aquarium maintenance. You should change the water regularly, even when it looks like it is crystal clear. Uneaten food, waste from the fish themselves, and other debris all add to poor water quality. Nobody wants the waste to accumulate and settle at the bottom of the aquarium, which can eventually lead to problems, so changing the water and getting the water tested is the best option.

The size of the aquarium and the number of fish will determine how often you perform these maintenance steps. Typically, you should change about 10 to 15 percent of the water every week. If your aquarium has a lot of inhabitants, you might consider bumping that number up to 20 percent. For a small tank, you can go a maximum of four weeks between water changes.

Perform Filter Maintenance and Upkeep

Your filter is a necessary piece of equipment that you’ll need to care for on a regular basis. Neglecting this maintenance will negatively affect the overall quality of the water. Finding a good time to add it to your cleaning schedule is a must; however, make sure that you do not clean it too often or thoroughly. Cleaning this too often or thoroughly could result in killing a significant portion of your tank’s biological filtration system. Because of the different types of aquariums and various other factors, there is no established best time to perform this maintenance.

The type of filter you have will depend on how and how often you clean it. There are numerous kinds of filters, so educating yourself on this is a major key to this step of aquarium maintenance. Take a look at what experts recommend for your specific filter, and add it to your maintenance routine.

Physically Clean the Outside and Inside of the Tank

This step is necessary so that all areas of the aquarium can be clean. Cleaning the inside will remove algae and any other substances that can build up in the tank. To clean off the inside of the tank, scrape the sides with a blade, but you’ll need to do this carefully and slowly. You want to get any residue off the sides without scratching the glass. You can also scrub the sides with a sponge. In addition to cleaning off the sides, make sure you rinse off the lid and any of the decorations as well. You might even want to use a spare toothbrush to ensure that they are clean.

Wiping the glass on the outside of the tank will get you one step closer to achieving a healthy and clean aquarium. Cleaning and wiping the outside down will remove water spots or smudges and get rid of any dust that has accumulated since the last time you cleaned it. Who doesn’t love a clean, spotless aquarium?

Handle Any Issues Promptly

Nothing is perfect. Even if you follow all the above steps in maintaining your aquarium, problems and issues will still arise. Such is life! However, it is the actions you take to resolve these problems and how promptly you take them that will affect the overall health of your aquarium.

What exactly do we mean? If you notice that your filter doesn’t sound right but is still working, stop what you are doing and look at it. Doing so may solve problems that will occur later down the road. Or, for another example, if you see that one of your fish is sick, take it out of the tank. Not only will this action, hopefully, keep the other fish and the aquarium healthy, but it will also allow you to care for and pay special attention to that specific fish in a more controlled environment.

Do what you can to care for your aquarium and keep it as healthy as it can be. If you follow these steps on how to maintain a healthy fish tank, you should be good to go.

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How To Maintain the Health of Your Aquarium

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