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Common Fungal Infections in Fish

Common Fungal Infections in Fish

Unfortunately, fungal infections are common among fish. This obviously isn’t something you want to be the case when you’re an aquarium-owner; however, it is a reality on which you must educate yourself. If you happen to have an injured, diseased, or stressed fish, fungal spores in your aquarium can quickly colonize and create problems. To see a list of some common fungal infections in fish, continue reading.

Gill Rot

If your fish is gasping for air and you can see that their gills are covered in mucus, they unfortunately might be suffering from gill rot. This fungus can be detrimental to the overall health of your fish—and even deadly—if you don’t treat it. Ultimately, the gill will rot away if you don’t treat the fungus or if the treatment doesn’t work.

Cotton Wool Disease

Cotton wool disease is one of the most common fungal infections among fish. This infection directly affects the skin, fins, and mouth by allowing white growths to colonize on these areas. This often happens when the fish has had previous infections, parasites, or injuries.

Systemic Fungal Infection

This fungal infection is difficult to diagnose and treat. Not many details are known about this specific infection; however, in general, the fish will show poor health. Poor water quality and environment can lead to this fungal infection.

Egg Fungus

If breeding is occurring in your aquarium, this infection can occur when the fungus encounters healthy eggs. The fungus will damage the eggs and cause them to become diseased or infertile. You don’t want this fungus touching healthy eggs.

These four fungal infections are some of the common fungal infections in fish. If you think your fish is suffering from one of them, visit us at eFishMox to find the right fish antibiotics for you. We have treatments such as fish ciprofloxacin to treat whatever disease your fish might be experiencing. Visit our website or call us today.

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