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Common Misconceptions About Pet Fish

Common Misconceptions About Pet Fish

Wanting to become a fish parent? We recommend some research and further education. There are common misconceptions about pet fish that can be harmful to the pet if the fish parent believes them. For insight on these misconceptions before you take on the role of a fish parent, read the content below.

Glass Bowls Make a Good Fish Home

Many people assume a glass bowl is a good home for their fish. However, that is most definitely not the case. Not only do glass bowls not hold enough water for fish, but they’re also extremely small. When a fish tank or bowl is too small, it can be dangerous because the right gas exchange cannot take place. A fish needs oxygen, and the unfortunate part is that a glass bowl will suffocate them because they don’t allow for the correct amount of oxygen to get to the fish. If you want to pick out a better and safer home for your pet, it’s recommended that it be larger in surface area and rectangular or square.

Short Lifespan

Don’t assume your fish is going to live a short life. If you take proper care of your fish and follow the right maintenance and care guidelines, a fish can have a lengthy lifespan. Lifespans differ depending on the type of fish. Make sure you research the type of fish you want to purchase, as well as its needs and caring procedures so you can give it the best and longest life possible.

Fish Grow To the Size of Their Tank

This misconception is extremely untrue. Fish don’t grow to the size of their tank. There are numerous types of fish in various shapes and sizes—some tanks are simply too small for certain fish. Health problems can occur within the fish if they’re in too small of a tank. Research the potential size of the fish you are wanting to get so you can make sure the tank is big enough. After all, you want to give the fish a comfortable and healthy life.

Believing these common misconceptions about pet fish can be dangerous to your pet fish. Don’t let this be the case! Instead, make sure you do all the proper research and preparation. If your fish is already sick or ill because one of these misconceptions happened, take proper care of your fish to ensure they get back to being healthy.

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