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How To Treat Swim Bladder in Fish

How To Treat Swim Bladder in Fish

Any species of fish can suffer from swim bladder. This disorder occurs when the swim bladder does not function properly. There are many reasons why this can occur, including disease, environmental factors, and physical abnormalities. If a fish suffers from swim bladder, you will be able to tell, as they will have problems with their buoyancy and will not be able to control how they float or sink. If your fish is suffering from this disease, continue reading below for tips for how to treat swim bladder in fish.

Regulate Their Water

Not only should the water in your tank be clean, but it should also be a comfortable temperature. Controlling the temperature and making sure it stays between 78 and 80° Fahrenheit. By doing this, you can ensure the environment is exactly as it should be for your fish to heal.

Add Salt

You should only add salt in very small amounts. This treatment option is not only helpful for swim bladder but several other fish diseases as well. Salt assists in healing injuries, improves gill function, and has many more benefits for your fish.

Reduce Water Flow and Level

Reducing water levels might be a very beneficial treatment option if your fish is suffering from swim bladder. Lowering water levels allows the fish to move around easier and control their sinking and floating within a more limited space.

Additionally, controlling the flow of the tank can also help. A strong current could only negatively impact your fish more.

Feed Your Fish by Hand

If your fish can truly not move well enough to get to their food, it might be beneficial to hand feed your fish instead. This will ensure your fish still receives all the proper food and nutrients it needs to continue getting healthier and stronger.

Administer Medications

While medication should never be your first option, it might eventually be your only option if all other treatments have failed. Continue doing the steps listed above, even if they have not worked, and add medicine to the mix. For this specific disease, fish zole metronidazole is one of the most common fish antibiotic treatment options.

If you have tried the above ways for how to treat swim bladder disease and find that your fish needs antibiotics, you have come to the right place. Here at eFishMox, we have the right medication to treat swim bladder in your fish. If your fish needs other medications as well, make sure you look at our website. We have many different medications available.

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