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If you’ve noticed that your fish have swollen eyes, they might be suffering from Popeye. As a pet owner, here is how to treat Popeye in Cichlids.

Want to do everything in your power to keep your aquarium in good condition and well maintained? There can be a multitude of areas and aspects to consider and watch when owning and caring for an aquarium. Here is an aquarium maintenance guide to assist you that goes over important aspects and elements to look at when maintaining your aquarium. Know Your Fish It is extremely important that, when choosing what fish you are going to have in your aquarium, you look for many different things—including the needs and behavior...

Is your fish suffering from an ulcer disease? Here are a few different ulcer disease treatment options for your pet fish to help them live a quality life.

If your fish has parasites, praziquantel is a very effective treatment. To learn about how praziquantel kills parasites in fish, read this guide.

Fluconazole can treat your fungal infections in your fish. Read this guide to learn about fungal infections and how much fluconazole you should give your fish.

If you own a fish, you know keeping them healthy is important. To learn how to maintain your fish’s health, watch out for these common fish diseases.

If you own a fish, you understand the importance of taking care of its health. To learn about the best types of fish antibiotics, read this guide.

If you notice an indentation in your fish’s head, it might have “hole in the head” disease. Read this blog post to learn how to treat this condition in fish.

If your fish has a bacterial infection, fish amoxicillin can help. To learn about the conditions that amoxicillin treats in fish, read this quick guide.

Are you wondering how to tell if your fish has some type of disease? If so, read this article to learn about some common signs of disease in pet fish.