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How To Treat Slime Disease in Fish

How To Treat Slime Disease in Fish

Freshwater aquariums run the risk of suffering from what is known as slime disease. This disease is when various parasitic infections of the skin ultimately cause the fish to produce abnormally high quantities of mucus. A sign of slime disease is when the fish in your aquarium have visible, cloudy patches on their skin. Educating yourself and knowing the slime disease treatment is important for the overall wellbeing of your aquarium and its inhabitants. Continue reading below for more details regarding the slime disease cure.

Understanding and Identifying the Disease

To properly treat this disease, one must understand the ins and outs of what it entails. With the mucus skin comes many other decreases in heath for the fish. They not only scratch themselves against solid objects because of how irritated their skin is, but they also lose their appetite and are lethargic. It is important to understand that if you do not treat or handle slime disease correctly, it can directly cause secondary infections like fungus or fin rot.

Understanding that there are multiple parasites that can cause this disease will help you better provide treatment for your aquarium. Seeking out a veterinarian who specializes in fish health will be helpful in treating the problem.


Make sure to check the water chemistry and temperature, as well as the overall condition of the water in your aquarium. In addition to checking the water quality, decide if it is necessary to treat just an individual fish who is suffering from slime disease, or if it’s necessary to treat the whole entire aquarium. If you are going to separate the fish, make sure you remove the fish and quarantine it until it is fully healed, or else adding it back to the clean, disease-free aquarium will only allow for additional issues to occur.


There is a multitude of different commercial medications that can aid with slime disease treatment—one of them being fish Keflex. This medication, and others, provide the correct antibiotics to your fish to help them heal and to treat slime disease overall. It is important when using slime disease medications that you follow the directions and provide the fish with the correct dosage.


Don’t let your aquarium fish become stressed! Stress is a contributing factor to slime disease. If your tank and its inhabitants are stressed because of issues, such as a poor environment, it will allow for slime disease, as well as other common diseases, to occur, which can hurt your fish.

Don’t let this be the case! Be a proactive and responsible fish owner and take care of your tank! If your fish does come down with fish slime coat disease and you want additional information on how to treat slime disease in fish, check out our website. If your fish requires medication, we have all of your fish medication needs as well. We want your fish to be happy and healthy here at eFishMox!

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