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How To Treat Popeye in Cichlids

How To Treat Popeye in Cichlids

Just like any other animal, fish get sick. Popeye is one of the most common diseases that fish can face. This disease is also known as exophthalmia, and it occurs when one or both of the fish’s eyes swell. You can easily prevent this disease but is harder to treat once the fish already has it. Here is the Cichlids Popeye fish disease treatment in just a few steps.

What Does the Treatment Process Look Like?

When a fish gets Popeye, it can be very difficult to treat. This is because the disease results in three different problems within the eye. Not only does it damage the cornea, but it also creates a bacterial infection and an excess of fluid behind the eye. Combating all these issues can be hard, but in some cases, the fish can recover.

Over time, both the cornea can improve, and the amount of fluid behind the eye will decrease. Yet, both improvements depend on a healthy, balanced diet. If your fish suffers from this disease, you should quarantine your pet in their own tank. Once quarantined, you can give your fish Epsom salt to help reduce the swelling. In addition to the Epsom salt, you can also buy amoxicillin fish antibiotics and other medications that can help your fish to fight off this disease.

Will My Fish Get Better?

Popeye can be a hard disease for your pet to overcome. However, it is not impossible. Popeye itself will not likely kill your fish, but it is generally caused by poor elements in your aquarium that could have also had a negative effect on your pet. If you follow the correct steps and treatment methods to combat this disease, your fish does have the opportunity to come out of the ordeal happy and healthy.

How To Prevent Popeye

Making sure that you do not overfeed your fish and that you change their water regularly are two very important aspects to pay attention to in order to prevent your fish from getting Popeye. You should also make sure that the light is not too harsh for your pet, as well as making sure the fishnet that you are using isn’t too rough. Altogether though, the best way to prevent Popeye in Cichlids is to just maintain a healthy aquarium environment.

If you are looking for a store to purchase the necessary medications we’ve mentioned in this guide for how to treat Popeye in Cichlids, you are in the right place. eFishMox offers a wide selection of fish antibiotics for whatever your fish needs, and we offer free same-day shipping. Order your pet’s medication and any necessary supplies now to ensure a happy and healthy home.

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