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How To Treat a Betta Fish With Popeye

How To Treat a Betta Fish With Popeye

Have you noticed that something is off with your betta fish? If you believe that your betta fish is suffering from Popeye, you have come to the right place. Luckily, there is a small chance that you are misdiagnosing your betta fish, even if they have all the symptoms of Popeye. If you are looking for a few tips on betta fish Popeye disease treatment, continue reading below so you can help your fish feel better than ever.

What Is Popeye?

Popeye is not just a disease that affects betta fish. Unfortunately, any fish can suffer from this disease. Popeye occurs when extra pressure behind the eyes causes them to protrude. If you leave this disease untreated, it could result in the death of the fish.

Causes of Unilateral and Bilateral Popeye

There is a range of causes that directly correlate to betta fish eye bulging. Unilateral Popeye occurs when only one of the eyes experiences swelling. Banging of the head into a hard surface or getting into a fight with another fish are most likely the causes of unilateral Popeye. Bilateral Popeye occurs when both eyes suffer from swelling. Parasites, fungus, or bacteria are the most common causes of this form of Popeye.

Signs and Symptoms

If your fish shows signs that one or both eyes are popping out, it is likely that your betta fish is suffering from Popeye. Eyes often change color, as well, and may look cloudy, milky, or even bloodstained. If your betta has a white ring around their eye, this might be another tell-tale sign that they are suffering from Popeye. Additionally, Popeye can be because of another infection or illness. If you notice a lack of appetite or energy, make sure to check for any other signs and symptoms of this disease.

Treatment and Prevention

If you notice that your fish is suffering from Popeye, the first thing you should do is remove the fish from the tank and quarantine them. Once you have done this, you must clean the tank. If you have identified any other issues in the tank following this step, make sure you address them. If this doesn’t help your fish, the next step is to provide them with antibiotics, such as sulfamethoxazole for fish.

Hopefully, the instructions provided above for how to treat a betta fish with Popeye can help you not only identify that your fish is indeed suffering from Popeye but also learn how to treat them. And, if you are looking for antibiotics to treat this disease, visit our website for prices and details regarding several medications that could help your fish. Do your part in helping your fish feel better!

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