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How Does Praziquantel Kill Parasites in Fish?

How Does Praziquantel Kill Parasites in Fish?

If your fish has parasites (or worms), no doubt you’re worried. However, you can treat your fish by using praziquantel to kill the worms. To learn how praziquantel fish treatment kills parasites, read this post.

Praziquantel Causes Parasites to Seize and Pass or Deteriorate

Praziquantel acts like a tranquilizer for worms. When the medication comes into contact with the parasites, it causes the parasites to shake as though they are having seizures. Then the parasites “freeze.” They die in the fish’s intestines, or shortly after when they are passed through their stools. When all the parasites die or pass through the stools, there are none left to reproduce. Therefore, parasitic infections will clear up and stop reoccurring.

Now that you are familiar with how praziquantel for fish kills parasites, here are some things to keep in mind when administering the treatment.

Remove Dangerous Chemicals and Materials

Make sure your praziquantel treatment will work by removing dangerous materials and chemicals. Your tank must not have any carbon inside it. Also, the UV sterilizers need to be turned off.

Make Sure That Praziquantel Dissolves

In order for praziquantel fish treatment to work, you must dissolve it properly. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for praziquantel to simply dissolve in tank water. Here are some ways to dissolve praziquantel in medication and powder form.

Water Bottle Method

An effective dose of praziquantel in powder form is one tablespoon for every 500 gallons of water. While this does not seem like much powder, it is still very difficult to dissolve. You can solve this problem by mixing the powder with tank water and vodka in a jar or water bottle. Then make sure to close the jar or water bottle and shake the product rapidly to dissolve the powder. This way, after the powder or medicine dissolves, you can pour the solution into the tank. Repeat the treatment with every water change until all the parasites and parasite eggs die.

Pantyhose Method

The pantyhose method is the most effective solution for dissolving praziquantel. First, you measure the correct dosage of praziquantel powder and dump it into the stocking. Then tie up the stocking so that the powder does not escape. Finally, dip the entire stocking into the tank and roll your fingers over the praziquantel to release all the powder. As the powder comes out, you will notice a large white cloud.

Here at eFish Mox, we sell praziquantel for fish as well as a wide variety of other aquarium antibiotics for numerous fish diseases. If you need a medication to kill your fish’s parasites or to treat other diseases, check out our website and give us a call today.

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